What is PoliMorfic

PoliMorfic is a venture to create interesting software applications using Cloud-based services. Current the main cloud service is Amazon Web Services (AWS). The current project include the AWS compatible WordPress-based Theme, PoliMorf, and the AWS serverless website application, MorfLess.

PoliMorf is a theme designed with the idea of having no special templates beyond the standard WordPress ones. Instead, you construct posts and pages using a schematic language. The language allows you to easily set up how a page looks as well as import stylesheets, set font references and assign remotely-located background images, amongst many things. The functionality is expandable so you can create your own shortcut functions, much like using shortcodes but with more scope.

MorfLess takes this one step further in that the database part is removed with the result that a blog-like experience is created using static files and some JavaScript glue. This has the effect of dramatically lowering site cost as well as speeding up page load times. MorfLess is spun up using infrastructure files (CloudFormation) and requires you to use a GUI to interact with your cloud account or use the AWS Command Line Interface. There is no admin panel.

Why use PoliMorf?

Would you rather be constrained to fill in lots of options in the Administration area of WordPress and be stuck with "just" the WordPress content manager? Or would you prefer to design your pages from the ground up with dynamic elements and be able to control everything on these pages?

To go even further: How about storing all this data remotely on the Cloud and using your WordPress database as a router of sorts, where you link together many small files that output on the same page? You probably already use plugins and third-party software on your site, or are familiar with them. PoliMorf allows you to create complicated pages but link them simply using easy-to-understand commands. It allows you to decentralise your information balancing AWS S3 with a skeleton database on WordPress.

Why use MorfLess?

If you have the option why not get rid of the database entirely and go back to a purer static page driven site? Yet still have the ability to have dynamic interactions (using API calls). MorfLess also allows you to recreate your own html and supporting files without needing to use the built-in defaults. You can completely recreate any current site experience but often with less cost overhead. The only requirement is that you change your viewpoint on how a site is created and run!

Author - Micky H Corbett - PoliMorf, MorfLess

PoliMorf was created by Micky H Corbett, a scientist/engineer/entrepreneur, who has wide-ranging experience in all manner of things including:

- Building and testing spaceship engines that have gone on to fly in space.
- Testing flight control systems for planes and helicopters.
- Creating structures at a nanoscale to investigate better computer memories.
- Programming in multiple languages (it comes with the territory) and always trying to improve and learn!

PoliMorfic is a venture of Corvos Astro Engineering Ltd.

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