A Serverless website application. Easily generated static content built on lists.

If you want even more detail, read the MorfLess description and instructions at GitHub.

MorfLess is a serverless website application, that acts like a blog theme and is built on the power of lists of simple commands. You get to control exactly how you want your pages to look, right down to the structure and styling but do this in a highly leveraged way. Content is created to be static with some Javascript glue and API calls that create a seamless user experience

Source files are plain text with the core engine being written in Python. Application files can be updated if desired and settings allow easy localisation for international sites.

Morfless serverless application architecture

MorfLess uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), setting up "buckets" for source files and for the final website. An admin loads files to the source folder, which triggers a Lambda function to then kick off a Step Function. This Step Function renders the html followed by a second function that creates the associated lists and Javascript files to link pages together. Raw text content is created from the html files before they are uploaded the website bucket.

In its basic form MorfLess can be run from a bucket acting as a website (with an Amazon address). This can be then used to create a "yourdomain.com" site by incorporating other services such as Route 53 and Cloudfront.

Source file data - Schematics

The mandatory basic source file format (a schematic) for any page or post is as below. The source file is text-based and to be actively processed it needs to have an extension of either '.post' or '.page'. Urls can be absolute but are better served as relative to the home page.

title={ Title 1 }:
url={ /path/to/page }:

< more commands ...>

< more commands ...>

< more commands ...>

Pages are often standalone objects like articles, whereas posts are related to categories and can be more commentary or diary based entries. This comes from the WordPress concept as well as being generally accepted in blogging.

MorfLess has a series of commands that can be used to add meta detail or various html elements into the page. Unlike PoliMorf, which has to ensure data validation, raw html and script can be used. This is because there is no link to a database, no way to have SQL injection attacks. Hence MorfLess is more lightweight that PoliMorf. It also allows any theme design to be bypassed so that just the association and backend meta can be used.

For more information, click the link to read about MorfLess syntax.

Pages and Posts




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