How to create pages or posts for your site.

If you want even more detail, read the MorfLess description and instructions at GitHub.

Pages and posts have different properties, the main ones being that pagination is linked to their type, and posts have categories associated with them. Other than that the formats are the same.

Post schematic

A post differs from a page in that there is are extra meta keywords - category, sticky - and that the displayed meta (author, date created etc) has category as well. A typical post schematic using the default header and footer but with some specific content is show below. The default settings come from settings.txt

title={ Title 1 }:
url={ /path/to/page }:
description={ A Morfless page }:
extract={ A Morfless page - details about what it is and a summary of the content if possible }:
author={ Jim, Bob, Sue }:
categories={ interesting things, other articles }:
thumbnail={ /images/thumbnail-for-page.png }:



<p>Some text here...</p>


Page schematic

For a page you could use the same schematic but the category and sticky meta will not be recorded. This also applies for the content meta.

Unlisted is a way to create a page that will not appear in a search or be displayed in category or author lists pages. The page is generated but can only be accessed by a direct link.

Pages and Posts




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